PickPoint - Intelligent Pharmacy Solutions
PickPoint - Intelligent Pharmacy Solutions
    WCS - Will Call System
    RDS - Provider Dispensing
    eMAR - Administration Record
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PickPoint brings cost effective technology to Federal institutions to help the staging and tracking of medications in different situations. We provide security and tracking of medication dispenses at after hours and remote clinics with our Remote Dispensing System (RDS) extending Telepharmacy capability. See the ASPH article on our Telepharmacy solution.

We also provide a method to electronically record medication administrations to patients in controlled environments where there is bedside dispensing and institutions where there are med lines with our Electronic Medication Administration Record (eMAR).

Enhance outpatient pharmacy with efficiency and accuracy using our light guided Will Call System (WCS).

Contact us to see how we can modernize and enhance your medication dispense workflow.

sales@pickpoint.com or +1(800) 636-1288

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