History & Mission

We pioneered the future of pharmacy 20 years ago and continue to create it today.

Let’s face it, with COVID-19 and all the new normals in patient care, everyone is looking for ways to improve access and outcomes. Unfortunately, this has led to many new fly-by-night companies, each claiming to provide advanced solutions. However, there is only one company that has been engineering and deploying proven prescription retrieval systems, pharmacy bag systems, and telepharmacy and pharmacy workflow solutions since 2001—PickPoint®.

PickPoint® is a leading pharmacy technology company specializing in automated pharmacy workflow solutions and prescription retrieval systems. At PickPoint®, our mission is like our products—advanced and uncomplicated. We strive to create intelligent pharmacy technology solutions that are the most affordable, reliable, efficient, and productivity-enhancing options on the market while ensuring the utmost patient safety. PickPoint® is built on the principle that only superior customer service allows a company to grow and prosper. Our corporate culture requires each employee to place the needs of every customer first and to conduct business with integrity. One of our customers recently described the company perfectly: “PickPoint® is much more than a technology company, it is a company with a human pulse.”

PickPoint® products, such as our pharmacy bag system, allow our customers to optimize the dispensing processes to improve patient outcomes across a wide range of environments, organizations, and demand.
And they are designed around delivering safety and efficiency:
-Safety and efficiency = Improved outcomes and reduced labor costs

With its industry-leading lighted Will Call System and Remote Dispensing System, PickPoint® is the leading provider of intelligent pharmacy workflow solutions in the Continental U.S., Alaska, Hawaii, Europe, the Middle East, Asia, the Caribbean, and South America. Our prescription retrieval systems have earned accolades along with the following awards:
-ASHP Excellence in Medication Use Safety Award for ANMC Telepharmacy Project
-AMSUS Circle of Excellence Award for ANMC Telepharmacy Project.

PickPoint® is not stopping there. We are committed to continued process improvement and technological superiority and innovation—especially in the post-Covid-19 world where we find ourselves today. We know health professionals need to focus on the wellness of their patients instead of costly, inefficient, time-consuming, and money-wasting tasks.

Employing PickPoint® products like our Will Call prescription retrieval system and Remote Dispensing System is the perfect pharmacy workflow solution. Pharmacies will cut the clutter, waste, and time- consuming methods. Plus, they will be better able to manage all of the most significant expenses-pharmacy payroll and pharmacy inventory while increasing daily performance and overall turn.

We invite you to tour our website and learn about our pharmacy workflow solutions, products, approach, and success. Better yet, we cannot wait to connect with you directly and help you take your pharmacy operations to the next level—and beyond. And, remember, PickPoint® will take you there at the speed of light.