Case Studies

1 Aug 2022
Remote Dispensing System Improving Pharmaceutical Care for Native and Other Remote Populations Since 2001

Overview: Twenty years ago, prescription dispensing in rural Alaska was akin to the Wild West. This was not the fault of the pharmacy staff, but because of the great distances between pharmacies and remote village clinics. Matters were made worse due to the inability to properly staff those clinics with qu...

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5 Oct 2021
90 Days to Success

Overview: A major grocery chain operating multiple brands with a combined 500+ stores entered into an initial 90-day pilot agreement with PickPoint® to access the capabilities and performance of our light-guided Will Call System.

Now 1,460 days, 200+ stores, and 4 brands later, we’ve exceeded our ...

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7 Jun 2021
A Modernized Approach to Bagged Prescription Retrieval in an MTF Pharmacy

Overview: Non-modernized pharmacy prescription retrieval systems are riddled with obstacles that affect labor timeliness and patient safety. With a traditional bagging system, hanging and retrieving prescriptions can add time to searching for prescriptions, especially if they are misplaced. Medications hav...

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