Case Study

90 Days to Success


A major grocery chain operating multiple brands with a combined 500+ stores entered into an initial 90-day pilot agreement with PickPoint® to access the capabilities and performance of our light-guided Will Call System.

Now 1,460 days, 200+ stores, and 4 brands later, we’ve exceeded our client’s expectations!


As part of the pilot, we agreed to specific success metrics:

1. Labor Savings around loading, hand out, and return to stock
2. Wait time reduction
3. Inventory turns
4. Employee adoption
5. Utilization of PickPoint® enterprise-level software– a solution no other will call system can provide.


Phase 1: Test

The first location was the chain’s highest-volume store, with the largest staff, and a strong pharmacy manager.

Within the first 30 days, prior to an opportunity to evaluate labor savings and impact on inventory, the chain requested to expand the pilot to three additional locations based on wait time reduction and employee adoption alone. Subsequently, labor savings and inventory turns provided sufficient returns to justify the chain’s internal hurdle
for acquiring capital equipment.

Phase 2: Confirm

We installed the 3 additional locations with smaller prescription volumes and a variety of pharmacy management styles and enjoyed similar outcomes in labor savings, customer wait time reductions, reduced inventory, and employee adoption. Additional benefits surrounding handout error reduction were also attributed to the use of
the Will Call System. The chain requested to further expand the pilot to additional locations.

Phase 3: Challenge

PickPoint® was challenged by the chain to accommodate the layout restrictions of a significant percentage of their pharmacies. The challenge involved customizing our Will Call System to fit inside the pharmacies’ existing cabinetry that resided outside of the pharmacy gate and contained roll-up security doors. PickPoint® quickly customized fixtures to fit within the dimensions of the cabinetry, and those pharmacies were installed within the initial 90-day pilot term.

These Phase 3 locations had similar prescription volume and management characteristics to the Phase 2 locations, and the results continued to demonstrate significant reductions in labor and customer wait times while also improving inventory turns. Employee adoption
was also very high.

Phase 4: Roll Out

PickPoint® was challenged by the chain to roll out to a large number of locations within a small period of time to further test our ability to roll out to their entire chain. PickPoint® was able to meet the goal of more than 1 store per day over a multi-week period. At the end of this final
phase, the chain rolled out the Will Call System to the majority of their pharmacies (those meeting a minimum prescription volume threshold).

Phase 5: Expand

Once the Will Call System was live in multiple locations within the first brand of the chain, the next challenge was to test whether the success metrics translated to another brand. After a similar test phase, the results were identical to the first brand, and PickPoint® rolled out the Will Call System to the majority of that brand’s locations as well.
A third brand also tested the success metrics of our Will Call System, and like the first two brands, realized similar results. Rollout into that third brand is now complete, and rollout into a fourth brand is underway.

Within 48 months, PickPoint® has rolled out to 4 brands within the chain, comprising over 200 separate locations utilizing approximately 80,000 hangers, managing over 100,000 prescriptions per day, over 100,000,000 prescriptions over the current term.

Lessons Learned & Conclusion

In summary; this 500+ store chain determined that the PickPoint® Will Call System is:

• Safe
• Time-saving
• Scalable
• Accurate
• Easy-to-use
• Affordable
• Efficient
• And so much more!

Isn’t it time you put the power of the PickPoint® Will Call System to work for you? Contact us now!