Outbound Communication

Our automated patient communication solution frees up your pharmacy team while decreasing wait times and increasing profits.

PickPoint®’s Patient-Direct Communications System streamlines pharmacy workflow through a wide variety of messaging platforms. Our proprietary software solution provides real-time, customizable messaging that is easy to set up and even easier to use. Select patient communications based on patient preferences—select text, voice message, or E-mail. But that’s not all—PickPoint®’s Patient-Direct Communications System works to improve medication adherence and reduces return-to-stock rates.

Outbound Communications in a Click

Here are just a few messages you can use
to keep your patients up-to-date:

Prescription Ready
Automatically notify patient prescriptions are ready when loaded into Will Call
Pick Up and Return-to-Stock Reminders
Automatically send additional notifications when necessary
Refill Exceptions
Let patients know that extra time is needed
Auto-Fill Notifications
Automatically send alerts when auto-fill prescriptions are ready
General Awareness Messaging
Promote additional services or send general alerts

Automated Outbound Communication Made Simple and Easy to Use

The PickPoint® Will Call System dashboard is fast and user-friendly. Use default or craft custom messages in a flash.
Keep your patients informed and your will call wait times low.