Eliminating Handout Errors

Let's face it. Pharmacists and Pharmacy Staff have never been busier.

Not only tasked with providing vaccines, boosters, and other clinical services, they are burdened with increased regulations and a shrinking experienced labor pool. Add to that increased patient demand and you have the recipe for dramatic increases in Rx hand out errors.

Even a "simple" handout error has consequences involving time to correct and document the handout error including:

Frustrated customer at pharmacy

  • Pharmacy Clerk
  • Pharmacy Manager/Pharmacist in Charge
  • Compliance Officer
  • Risk Management/Legal Counsel
  • Professional Liability Expense
  • Duplicated Workflows

The average total cost incurred to your pharmacy after a handout error is $400+

That does NOT include the potential loss of the patients involved in the error or their friends, family members, and associates.

How many handout errors does your pharmacy have per year?

What is the true impact on your pharmacy’s bottom line?

Let the PickPoint® Will Call System eliminate handout errors for you.

Pharmacist handing a patient their prescription

In today’s fast-paced pharmaceutical environment, accuracy and efficiency are vital. The PickPoint® Will Call System is designed to meet the unique challenges faced by professionals in the field. It bridges the gap between technology and human touch, culminating in a synchronous workflow.

With the power of PickPoint® at your disposal, you’ll not only reduce handout errors but also enhance the operational efficiency of your team. Our system melds naturally with your existing processes, ensuring that every prescription handout is accurate and timely. By eliminating common errors and oversights, we help instill trust and reliability between you and your patients.

Handout error reports provide performance tracking error history so you can identify issues and optimize your systems and improve your team’s success rate.

How do we do that?

Our system features automatic handout error prevention measures and multiple, customizable safety checks such as:


Handout error prevention measures